From Jack Nagle

Crisp Sunny Melbourne

Real Drug Talk


Dear The Lived Experience Consumer


This is an open letter to those individuals and families with a lived experience of alcohol, drugs and addiction.


I believe that it's time for the "alcohol and drug sector" to start listening to those who have a lived experience.


I love and value all the professionals in the alcohol and drug space, however time and time again I see services and initiatives totally missing the mark...


This is often because the research initiatives, services and policies haven't consulted people with a lived experience... 


Fortunately I have been lucky enough to find myself in positions in which I can advocate for people with a lived experience and as a result of my own and others advocacy things are starting to change! 


The importance of peers and people with a lived experience is starting to be recognised...


and I believe it's time to formalise the lived experience presence! 


Because of this I have decided to put together the Experience Matters Collective! 


and we need YOU!


Through the Experience Matters Collective we will focus on advocating on lived experience issues, creating employment opportunities for peers and help build better services that are consumer focused and developed for the future.


This membership base is 100% free and all information will be 100% private and confidential.


Everything is 100% Free and everything that we do at Experience Matters will be about providing value for you! 


This membership is for you if you have a current or past experience with alcohol or drug use. This is also for you if you are currently dealing with a loved one that has alcohol and drug use issues or you have previously dealt with a loved one that has an alcohol or drug issue. (family or friend)


We hope that you can join us on the journey of changing the alcohol and drug help and support system for the better...


and remember Experience Matters, and you MATTER!


Kind Regards

Jack Nagle 

Director, With-In Collective.


 By The People For The People.

As apart of Real Drug Talks mission in changing the paradigm in dealing with addiction we have established the Experience Matters Collective, because we believe just that.......experience matters.


We know the power of the recovery community and we want to start bringing that power to the public, policy and service innovation. The membership comes at no cost and we actually want to work for you. Experience Matters will focus on the following three elements to provide you with as much value as possible.

Employment Opportunities 

Being apart of this membership base will allow you access and information to being able to register for employment opportunities that we have received funding for along with other employment opportunities


We wont want to be your voice at the level of government, research and policy.

Service Innovation

Be apart of advisory groups that actually help develop services and provide a lived experience voice! 

Sign Up, Completely Free, No Cost Involved.

We Need You!